Gifts for Taurus Men | Birthday, Seasonal and Ocassional Presents for Your Taurus Man

Are you stuck, wondering what to buy your Taurus Man for Christmas or for his birthday (Taurus: April 21st – May 21st) or any other occasion? Read this and you won't be stuck anymore!

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Are you stuck, wondering what to buy your Taurus Man for Christmas or for his birthday (Taurus: April 21st – May 21st) or any other occasion? Consult this guide for some new ideas and to be sure you buy him something he wants! PLUS tell us about what you have already bought for the Taurus man in your life. Also includes what not to buy a Taurus man under any circumstances...

Gifts Taurus Men Always Appreciate

The typical Taurus man collects or wants to collect something. Find out what that is and make use of that knowledge and he’ll remember your gift forever. Taurus men love luxury and expensive presents are always appreciated. Buy him toiletries, including his favourite fragrance aftershave, shower gel and shampoo as stocking fillers. He would like a sleek wallet for his cash if he hasn’t one already. If you are a sock buyer, go for extremely comfortable cashmere socks – never buy Taurus man sport socks. Just because your Aries ex boyfriend appreciated them this is no reason for a Taurus man to appreciate them - just believe me on this... please!

Expensive Gift Ideas for Taurus Men

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: All About the Earth Signs (Snap: Zodiac Fun)A stay in an exclusive, five star (at least) hotel. A whole pile of stocks and shares presented on an antique desk and given with a most comfortable, leather, president’s chair. A weekend spa-pamper session at an exclusive resort – this must include a mud infusion!

What Not to Buy Taurus Men

Don’t buy Taurus men sports accessories or anything from the Pound Shop.

What to Buy Your Fatty Taurus Man

Although Taurus men will accept being fat or overweight they would rather not be this way. The problem is that they enjoy their food far too much than to cut down. Also, Taurus man is likely to stop exercising because they do enjoy lying down and they'd rather float on their backs in a swimming pool, lake or the sea than do that thing called swimming. Never mind, here is a solution:

For fat Taurus men Wilma Proops has an excellent gift idea:

Wilma Proops' oft quoted adage about Vibration Plate Exercise Machines:
Ten minutes every other day
Will Wobble Your Fat clean Away

What Gifts Have You Bought for Taurus Men?

Astrology for LoversPlease tell us about successful and unsuccessful gifts you have bought for Taurus men in the past. What did they love and what did they hate? Add you gift ideas for Taurus men in the comments section below.


  1. I'm a Pisces woman who's been with my Taurus husband for 6 years being married and 6 years before we got married. There's one thing that I know of with him. He is ALWAYS concerned about paying the bills first and then deal with the leftovers, but I'm willing to flex on it - to give him what he deserves the most. With my Taurus husband I have to listen VERY CAREFULLY in between the lines and NOT Guess what he wants. He loves putting together models, getting out & going to the beach. But most of all it's eating.. MORE-So a GREAT piece of steak. My best advice to all those who are with a Taurus man, if he mentions he wants something more then 3x's. THIS IS what HE wants and NOT what you THINK he may want. Only do it if it's an upgrade of what HE WANTS.

  2. I am a Capricorn woman who's been with my Taurus man for 4 years. He loves to browse through magazines with me and he tears things out of magazines that he likes. I now have about 10 ladder tear out from this year so guess what I got him for Christmas..yep a ladder!! My advice, see what he saves from the mail or what he might tear out from a magazine...also, what is his favorite magazine - another great gift!


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